About MIR

Hey! We’re MIR Communications. You’re here because you’ve heard of us (yay!) but maybe you don’t totally understand what we do, and that’s okay! MIR is a marketing company that brings all sorts of brands into classrooms across North America. Not a lot of people know that this is an option so we forgive you for being in the dark.

We have direct access to more than 70,000 preschools and schools along with an awesome group of educators who love the materials we provide them with. What’s the benefit to you? Well, we work your brand’s message into the school curriculum which gets both teachers and students onside as brand ambassadors who will represent your toy, movie, or product with pride and excitement to the people who make the buying decisions…moms and dads!

We use a variety of tools to get your brand’s message across in a meaningful way that directly influence purchasing behaviors.

Teacher Lesson Plans

Family Activities

In-Class Activity

Posters & Signage

Parent Take Home

Digital & Social

Locker Posters

Product Sampling

In-School Events

Branded Premiums

Our relationships with classrooms allow us unprecedented access into schools and help us create valuable materials for teachers that they actually use. We do this through our platform TogetherClassrooms.

Give us a call or shoot us an email! We’d love the opportunity to brainstorm some tactics with you that’ll help your brand ‘own’ their perfect target environment.

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